Australia Toll Free Number: What You Should Know


Have you already acquired a toll free number for your business? Well, why not? An Australia toll free number can and is an indispensable asset to any business regardless of its size. We have actually thought of all the great things that an Australia toll free number can give but listing down every single benefit of having a business toll free number would last us years and we wouldn’t want that, would we? But it actually goes way beyond credibility and brand recognition which are already a strong character for your business to have. An Australia toll free number can boost the rate of your sales as well as on ROI.

Purchase an Australia Toll Free Number today and begin to achieve all of the great things that we discuss below. All of the topics we discuss will help your business to grow in Australia:

We have listed down 5 most compelling reasons why you should get an Australia toll free number for your business.

1. It improves customer satisfaction.

Have you tried getting in contact with a certain business but to your disappointment, you couldn’t get a hold of their contact info anywhere even on Google? It must have been really frustrating and yes, a lot of people have experienced that too. Usually, this particular business leaves a sour taste in the mouth just because of this harmless incident.

With an Australia toll fee number, your customer service and their satisfaction will improve into folds just by simply being within reach and available in taking the customers’ calls. An Australia toll free number lets you connect with your customers easier for you to have their questions answered and requests taken care of. In this way, they will be able to reach you any day at any time without having to fine them even a single cent. Customers are aware of this and they would surely appreciate your company’s efforts. Because you made it easier for your customers to contact your business line, the more likely they would be to remain as loyal customers.

2. It is easy to remember.

An Australia toll free number, especially if you get a vanity number, can serve as a very powerful marketing tool. It has been used by most known brands in Australia because it has proven to generate more sales and revenue. Getting a vanity number is so much easier to recall than just pure numbers, so people are going to have more chances in calling you and making a deal. Case in point, if your toll free number is 1-800-Flowers, your customers would very much likely to recall that one faster and easier than that of 1-800-356-9377.

3. It exudes credibility.

Whoever said toll free numbers are just for giant corporations? They are actually great for all types and sizes of companies especially for those that are just starting. An Australia toll free number can give your newly put-up business the credibility that it needs. In addition, it also enhances any company’s image. For all we know, you could be just operating on the basement of your mother’s house and we cant even tell!

4. It is portable.

Location wont be a hindrance any longer once you get an Australia toll free number. If you plan to relocate your business, customers will never know unless you tell them so! Regardless of where you’re currently situated, your customers would still be able to reach you using your Australia toll free number. This can be done by simply forwarding the calls into your personal cell phone or whatever phone you have for that matter! One fun fact: once you purchase and put the toll free number under your name, it is now considered yours and you can now do whatever you want with it! Even if you decide to change your provider, you can take the toll free number with you.

5. We couldn’t stress this enough. It is a powerful marketing tool.

As i have mentioned earlier that the use of a vanity number can be considered as a marketing effort, there is actually more to it than meets the eye. Did you know that a toll free phone number helps in better tracking your other marketing efforts?

Just think about it. If you have a print ad, a website (for sure you do), or maybe a billboard in Times Square and then someone picks up his telephone and gives you a call, how would you know where the call is coming from?

Your Australia toll free number can assist you in creating extensions, which can be associated with particular campaign/s of your choice. One number for a website, one for the print and etc. Use your Australia toll free number as a marketing tool and you would see the increase in your company’s sales and ROI from the huge call volume.

Small Business Take Out

shutterstock_58395664All too often something comes up and prevents you from going into the office – a sick child, car trouble, errands, or even unexpected home repairs. It’s become vital for a company to have the capability to manage operations from remote locations. Running your small business on the go has become possible through advancements in cloud services. Here are a few ways to effectively conduct business remotely:

1. Desktop access. Imagine you go on a business trip, only to realize you forgot to send something from your work desktop. Many programs such as DesktopDirect™ and Citrix Receiver allow you to access your work desktop from your laptop, Smartphone or tablet. Whether your flight gets delayed or you’re at home sick, you’ll still be able to have access to your work from wherever you are.

2. Online faxing. You’ve been waiting for an important fax all day, but you’re running late for a meeting in another part of town. Do you wait and be late? Or do you leave and miss the important fax? A service like eFax® allows you to leave and still get that important fax straight to your laptop or Smartphone.

3. Web conferencing. Can’t be there for that important meeting? Onebox® allows you to schedule a web conference where you can perform live demonstrations, share and exchange files. Onebox® also has a conference calling feature that allows you to communicate with over 90 people at once.

4. Business calls. Sometimes we can’t always be at the office from 8 am-5 pm, but that doesn’t mean missing important phone calls that may be time-sensitive. Fortunately, a service like Global Call Forwarding allows call routing where a customer can call a toll-free number that will route to your home, mobile or any other number you choose. Missed a call because you’re in a meeting? Global Call Forwarding will send a transcription of your voicemail to your phone and email.

By having access to your office directly from the palm of your hands, you won’t have to worry the next time you can’t make it to the office. With summer just around the corner, you’ll have more time to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunny beaches!